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Covercraft Car Covers

You have a garage, so why do you need a Covercraft car cover? Unless you've got an air filtration system salvaged from an operating room, your garage is full of dust and microscopic abrasives. If your car isn't protected by a Covercraft car cover, those abrasives stick to your paint and then get dragged off by the air the next time you take your car out for a spin. Get the picture? You give your precious ride a light sanding every time you drive when you don't use a Covercraft car cover while it's parked in the garage. The problem is multiplied ten-fold if you leave your car uncovered outside. Here, a Covercraft car cover can protect against acidic bird droppings, sticky pine tar, and even hail and door dings from thoughtless neighbors. The small price you pay for a Covercraft car cover can save you thousands of dollars in paintwork after your car has been in service for a while-not to mention the hassle. Invest now in a Covercraft car cover for your indoor or outdoor vehicle-there are different kinds depending upon your parking situation. You'll love the way your car or truck continues to shine year in and year out thanks to the protection provided by your Covercraft car cover. Covercraft makes a CUSTOM FIT CAR COVER for almost any year and make of car. There is 11 different fabrics available for both indoor and outdoor protection. Check out the the fabric chart for a top quality custom fit cover that will fit your needs. Select your fabric with Make, Model and Year and we will quote a very competitive price.